Monday, June 10, 2013


My last few blogs dealt with writing for children. A good way to hone your craft and get the attention of editors is by entering writing contests. Children’s Writer is sponsoring a contest called Kindergarten Story: Exploration. The publication is an e-mail newsletter read by editors of children’s books and magazines in North America. First prize will be $500; second will be $250; and third, fourth, and fifth will be $100. Submissions are due by July 12, 2013 and prizes will ne awarded by October, 2013.

Entries need to be fictional, their topic exploration, and they cannot exceed 150 words. The target is five through seven-year-olds, so use settings familiar to children of that age group and create a main character that explores an appropriate topic. Some suggestions for exploration include people, animals, nature, professions, and make-believe. The vocabulary should be fun, colorful, and on a level that most early learners can read. Use techniques covered on this blog and its archives and be sure to use normal story structure. That is, there must be a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Pay careful attention to the contest’s submission standards, especially to word length. They may be accessed at Children’s Writer by clicking on Guidelines in the sidebar—Quinn

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