Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Harbinger

My purpose for this blog is to encourage moms who, after years of intense involvement, are faced with empty nests. Suddenly their homes, which were teeming with activity, are quiet and orderly. Depressing? Not for a writer. And many home school “graduates” should consider becoming a writer. They have advice and many rich experiences to share, if not with the world then definitely with their children and grandchildren. Craft techniques learned here and from recommended books and websites can improve their skills and increase the likelihood of seeing their words in print.

I’ll try to stay on topic. However, from time to time I’ll divert to something I find important. A book on the N.Y. Times best seller list is one such thing. The Harbinger by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn tells of an ancient warning for Israel recorded in Isaiah 9:10 that hair-raisingly parallels all that has happened to America since 911. It is available on DVD, so it can be shown in churches and Sunday Schools.--Quinn

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